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Because PAM Corporate Services provides you with a highly reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated company local sponsor at affordable annual fees. Allow me to explain: If you’re a foreigner looking to establish a thriving business and invest in the UAE, you’ll need a company local sponsor who can meet the UAE’s legal and regulatory requirements, whether as an individual or a corporate structure for onshore companies. 

Opting for our company’s local sponsorship not only facilitates company establishment but also enables you to hire individuals and issue residency visas, ensuring legal employment within your organization for employees and investors. With PAM Corporate Services, you can bid farewell to the hassle of finding the ideal company local sponsor because we prioritize what’s best for you! 

While finding the right sponsor can often pose significant challenges, our professional services not only save you money and expenses but also ensure thorough support with all required documents and procedures. Moreover, we provide you with easy access to a sponsor at all times, coupled with a very reasonable annual fee.

Types of Company Local Sponsorship

In adherence to the regulations outlined in UAE company law, the establishment of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) mandates that a minimum of 51% equity ownership be held by a UAE national for mainland onshore locations. This stipulation ensures that foreign investors seeking to set up an LLC onshore must collaborate with UAE nationals or entities fully owned by them to meet the legal partner requirement.

Additionally, certain legal entities, such as branches of foreign companies (inclusive of representative offices or full foreign branch offices), sole establishments, and civil companies, necessitate the engagement of a local service agent to facilitate their setup and ongoing operations within the UAE. Notably, a representative office, primarily focusing on sales and marketing endeavors, is restricted from engaging in commercial trading, whereas a full foreign branch office retains the capacity to conduct commercial activities akin to those of its parent company.

The role of the service agent, while pivotal in ensuring compliance with local regulations, typically does not involve equity ownership or direct involvement in company operations. Instead, service agents charge an annual fee on a lump sum basis for their provision of services, which encompass facilitating legal and administrative procedures and acting as a liaison between the company and local authorities. This arrangement enables foreign entities to navigate the intricacies of operating within the UAE while ensuring adherence to legal requirements.

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