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MOFA attestation stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, a process commonly required for documents to be recognized as valid for use outside the country where they were issued.

Here’s a simplified explanation of the process:

1. Document Verification: Before MOFA attestation, your document usually needs to be authenticated by relevant authorities such as a notary public, educational institution (for educational documents), or chamber of commerce (for commercial documents).

2. MOFA Attestation: Once your document is verified locally, it needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the country where it was issued. MOFA will review the document and attest to its authenticity by affixing their stamp or seal.

3. Legalization by Foreign Embassy/Consulate: After MOFA attestation, if the document is intended for use in a foreign country, it may require further legalization by the embassy or consulate of that country in the issuing country. This step confirms the validity of the document for use in the foreign country.

4. Final Verification in the Destination Country: Upon arrival in the destination country, the document may need to undergo additional verification by the relevant authorities or government department to confirm its authenticity and validity within that country’s legal system.

MOFA attestation is typically required for various documents such as educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, commercial documents, and other legal documents, depending on the purpose for which they are being used in a foreign country. The process ensures that documents are legally recognized and accepted in international settings, facilitating activities such as employment, education, business transactions, and residency applications.

List of Individual and Commercial Documents

Individual Documents
  1. Educational Certificates
  2. Birth Certificates
  3. Death Certificates
  4. Good Conduct Certificates
  5. Marriage Certificates
  6. To may it concern letters
  7. Employment Contract
  8. Bank Statements
Commercial Documents
  1. Trade License Copy
  2. Board Resolutions
  3. Brand Registration
  4. Corporate Insurance Certificate
  5. Partnership & Shareholder Certificate
  6. Company Branch Registration
  7. Bankruptcy Documents
  8. Trademark Registration
  9. Power of Attorney
  10. Corporate Tax Certificate

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