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The UAE government acknowledges the universal desire for families to be together. As a result, it prioritizes Sponsored or Family Visa applications in Dubai. Many expatriates have relocated to Dubai for employment, business partnerships, or investment opportunities, often finding themselves separated from their loved ones. It’s natural for them to contemplate how they can bring their families to join them. Recognizing this, the UAE government prioritizes Family/Sponsored Visa applications in Dubai to facilitate family reunification.

Who is Eligible for Sponsorship for a Resident Visa in Dubai?

Spousal Sponsorship

An expatriate holding a resident visa can sponsor their non-resident spouse. This program allows sponsorship if the sponsor possesses valid documents, can provide financial support, and has adequate accommodation throughout the year in the UAE.

Dependent Child Sponsorship

This sponsorship encompasses both adopted and natural-born children, provided they possess valid documents. Both the sponsor and the sponsored individual must establish their relationship to obtain a visa through immigration. Children qualify as dependents if they are under 22 years old and unmarried. The Dependent Child Sponsorship offers candidates the opportunity to obtain residency and pursue studies in the UAE.

What are the Conditions to Sponsor Your Spouse in Dubai?

You may be eligible to sponsor your spouse if meet the following conditions:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are able and willing to provide for the basic financial needs of your spouse or partner
  • For Men sponsoring their wife, you should have a salary of at least AED 5,000
  • For Women sponsoring their Husband, you should have a salary is at least AED 15,000

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