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Notary public services in Dubai are provided by legal professionals, including lawyers and notaries appointed and licensed by the Dubai Courts, such as PAM Corporate Services.

These services encompass witnessing signatures, certifying documents, and authenticating various document types. Documents necessitating notarization in Dubai encompass contracts, agreements, statements, affidavits, powers of attorney, and other legal documents. PAM Corporate Services in Dubai offer a comprehensive suite of services, including authenticating legal documents, certifying signatures, administering oaths and declarations, authenticating documents for international use, and certifying copies.


List of Services That Can Process at Notary Public Services

At PAM Corporate Services, our Notary Public Services in Dubai offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet your legal and personal needs:

Notarization of Legal Documents: Authorization to notarize documents and authenticate signatures on legal documents such as powers of attorney, wills, affidavits, contracts, and more.

Marriage Ceremonies and Authentication of Marriage Documents: Perform marriage ceremonies and authenticate marriage-related documents.

Visa Application Document Authentication: Authenticate documents related to visa applications.

Legal Advice: Provide legal advice on various topics.

Certification for Use Abroad: Certify documents for international use, ensuring compliance with foreign legal requirements.

Court Document Authentication: Authenticate documents for use in civil and criminal court cases.

Witnessing Signing of Contracts and Deeds: Witness the signing of important legal documents such as contracts and deeds.

Business Services: Authenticate signatures on business-related documents, assist in setting up company structures, and certify company accounts and reports for accuracy.

Individual Services: Authenticate signatures on personal documents like loan applications or property transfers, and certify vital records such as birth certificates and marriage certificates for international use.

Legal Dispute Resolution: Authenticate signatures on documents pertinent to legal proceedings and certify contracts, invoices, and other legal documents for business transactions.

At PAM Corporate Services, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and efficient notary public services to individuals and businesses alike, ensuring the authenticity and legality of your important documents.

Our Benefits as Notary Services Provider

Certify signatures for document validity

Enable international transactions with certified documents

Streamline transactions with simplified processes

Enhance trust with notarial certification

Access expert legal guidance efficiently

Save time and resources with efficient services

Minimize legal risks
and disputes

Enjoy peace of mind with professional oversight

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