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Commencing a business within Dubai’s Freezone Area has been streamlined considerably. The regulatory framework no longer necessitates intricate structures, leading to substantial reductions in both costs and startup time.

These freezones are designed to foster foreign investment and stimulate economic growth within the city.

Dubai pioneered the free zone concept within the UAE, boasting over 20 distinct free zones with individual jurisdictions. It’s imperative to select the free zone aligning with your business’s nature, ensuring your activities fall within the designated category of the chosen zone.


List of the Freezones in Dubai

Meydan Freezone
Strategically situated near Dubai Downtown, offering convenient market access, Meydan Freezone is the prime choice for entrepreneurs seeking a supportive and business-friendly environment.

IFZA – International Freezone Authority
IFZA presents comprehensive, enticing business setup packages, ensuring businesses operate and expand securely and conveniently.

DMCC- Dubai Multi Commodities Centre
As the world’s largest and most advanced commodities trading hub, DMCC is dedicated to fostering the growth of commodities and derivatives markets in the Middle East, particularly focusing on gold, diamonds, and other precious metals and stones.

JAFZA- Jebel Ali Freezone Authority
With over 7,500 companies from 140 countries, JAFZA stands as the Middle East’s largest port, handling millions of tonnes of cargo annually. It offers an extensive array of business and lifestyle advantages to its clientele, solidifying its position as one of the world’s largest free zones.

DIFC- Dubai International Financial Centre
Providing a secure and efficient platform for businesses and financial institutions to access and engage with the region’s emerging markets, DIFC offers a diverse range of services and products, including banking, investment, taxation and regulatory support, arbitration, and other financial market services.

D3 Dubai Design District
D3 serves as a vibrant hub tailored for designers, artists, and entrepreneurs, strategically situated in Dubai’s core. Offering an array of amenities like studios, workshops, offices, galleries, and retail spaces, it fosters creativity and innovation.

Dubai Healthcare City Freezone
This designated healthcare zone provides a conducive environment with regulatory support, infrastructure, and incentives for healthcare entities, practitioners, and investors operating in medical and health-related sectors.

Dubai South Freezone
Pioneering as UAE’s inaugural aviation and logistics-centric freezone, Dubai South Freezone caters to a spectrum of aviation and logistics services.

Dubai Production City Freezone
Tailored for media enterprises, Dubai Production City Freezone offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing media production, post-production, film and television services, animation, graphic design, and multimedia services.

Dubai Studio City Freezone
Dubai Studio City Freezone is a haven for the film, television, digital content, and music industries. It provides extensive support for audiovisual content production and post-production, alongside services like dubbing, subtitling, sound recording, and production assistance.

Advantages of having a Freezone Company

  • Complete foreign ownership
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • Absence of currency constraints
  • Accelerated visa procedures
  • Utilization of dependable infrastructure
  • Advanced communication and tran
  • sportation systems
  • Conducive business atmosphere
  • Competitive operational expenses
  • Adaptable legal and regulatory structures
  • Nearness to regional markets
  • Availability of business support amenities
  • Streamlined company establishment procedures

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